Do you use photoshop?


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I mostly use Adobe Fireworks CS6. Photoshop is little to complicated for simple task

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Only use paint . also don't have Photoshop License to use. But if anyone can help to get it.


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I use it,not very frequently,but yes. For some things i need the good old Photoshop CS6 Extended :)


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No..... But I'm thinking about starting to tinker with it to create Windows logon screens. I've found some photoshop elements lately that look pretty neat.

For now though, Paint.NET handles most of my imaging needs. Supports transparency for PNG files for use with icons and other things, adjustable quality when saving images, nice 'lasso' feature that helps me change the background on smaller avatar pics.

Good stuff :)

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Photoshop and lightroom are heavy for my pc ,i have installed old versions version 6.0 do ok until now.


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I hate their pricing model but as a graphic designer, web designer, and photography lover, I cannot go without Photoshop. Affinity people need to get faster!


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Yes. Still using mine from CS3 on Win7, CS6 Extended on Win8 and Win 10 Pro.
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