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Dashlane Premium is a password manager for all devices (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android), which offers multi-factor authentication, security audits, a password generator, secure password sharing and cloud synchronization between all your devices.
Passwords can be sorted into categories - it is quite convenient if you need to find data in the database before a certain account. If necessary, you can use the convenient search that offers the program. Dashlane can import passwords from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and password managers: LastPass, RoboForm, KeePass, Everywhere and others, which is important, when switching from other password managers to Dashlane.
All data that you enter on the sites are automatically recognized by the program and are automatically entered on the next visit. If several users are registered on the same site, Dashlane will display a menu for choosing an account. Saved site can be launched directly from the program menu.
To protect all your passwords, you need to create and remember one master password that you will need to enter to unlock the program. You can select multi-factor authentication. Supported work with Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile and Twilio Auth. Just recognize the generated Dashlane QR code with your mobile phone or tablet and the program will be unlocked. On the registration pages, Dashlane offers a password generator that will be used for registration, and later for authorization.
The program allows you to filter weak, duplicate or broken passwords. Each password has a security rating. If necessary, unreliable passwords can be automatically changed (automatic change is supported by +500 sites).
A very useful feature is to save transaction checks with a list of purchased goods (the program itself recognizes the goods, and if an error occurs you can enter the goods manually) and create screenshots of the purchased goods during online shopping, if you have problems with the seller.
The mobile version has an Internet browser in which authorization data will be automatically entered. You can set your browser to automatically fill passwords.