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PhotoDirector 9 is a unique application that combines everything that you may need in the course of working with photos, in one workflow - effective photo management, full customization capabilities, and creative editing. With 64-bit support, PhotoDirector will enhance your photos without destroying information, as well as provide RAW support for popular DSLRs and 4K Ultra output formats. PhotoDirector - everything you need to turn your photos into works of art.

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The premium photo editor Cyberlink PhotoDirector 10 is not much different from its predecessor - and this is not bad. The new features it offers are well designed and based on user feedback.
You can easily import photos from various sources, including your computer and the CyberLink cloud. One of the new features of PhotoDirector 10 is snap shooting, which allows you to take photos from a connected camera directly from editing software. This can be real time if you shoot in the studio or create an animation of a motion stop.
All the editing tools of PhotoDirector 10 are divided into tabs and clearly marked - contrast with many photo editors, which combine everything together in one palette with icons that can confuse new users. Where PhotoDirector 10 really uses icons, they are always explained using handy tooltips.
There are a huge number of options available, but the tabbed layout means that there are never so many on the screen that they become confusing. It may take a little longer to find a specific function, but it is always clear where to look.
For more information, the help link in the upper right corner provides quick access to a large set of training videos that will help you with specific methods, such as editing portraits, 360-degree photos, using layers and creating panoramas.
CyberLink PhotoDirector 10 features advanced layer editing, which makes it more suitable for top-level photo editing kits. Now you can create layer groups, crop masks and add new empty layers, as you can in PhotoShop.
This is PhotoDirector, there are also interesting additions in the form of Express Layer templates, which are thematic collections of layers containing text, gradients and objects that you can apply to your images.
Of the other tools available, remote content removal is particularly impressive, removing unwanted objects from some shots with unusual accuracy. Just roughly sketch the object (or person) you want to delete, and the software does the rest.
Some other highlights include choosing tools for smoothing and shaping your skin (similar to PortraitPro Body) and the ability to create slide shows tuned to music that can be exported to your computer or uploaded directly to your YouTube channel.
One of the highlights of CyberLink PhotoDirector 10 is the new AI style transfer tool. This is not just a set of filters - it uses deep learning to recreate the style of a particular drawing or painting and applies it to your photo using the same methods as the actual artist. Each effect is also customizable; You can choose whether to use the original colors of the photo or use them from a style template, adjust the strength and even apply them selectively.
Keep in mind that due to the amount of processing, these effects may take some time to apply. However, the results are fully justified.
Additional styles can be purchased separately, but you can view them in the editor before making a purchase.
CyberLink PhotoDirector 10 is not a direct replacement for Photoshop, but it is not intended; while Adobe software is tailored to professionals, PhotoDirector 10 is designed for home users, providing them with all the tools they need to make their photos look their best, with lots of instructions and a huge array of interesting creative options. Most of all, this makes photo editing fun, which is important for the software that you will use again and again.



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Not at all... sorry ! It was just a personal opinion about the promo, not you.
I enjoy promotions to test software and eventually buy them if they interest me, but this kind is a first for me.
It is indeed the first time that one asks for an SMS and I don't see any need for it, especially since I am also asked for an email!