CyberGhost 3 Month Key


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Careful Cyberghost make me driver problems in the device Manager. They install a damaged driver in the past. You cant delete the TAP Driver in Device Manager in Network drivers and it make you a lot of errors and trouble. So its better to install it not.


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I had this problem in Windos 8.1 three times and always with the same old Tap Driver from this company. I was interested if they had made a new Tap Driver in her programs but always the old problemdriver in my last three installations over a view months. Maybe in XP it can work without problems. But in Windows 8.1 the driver is to old and make Problems in the new Windows System thats fakt.

After you have deinstalled it, the program leave his driver in the System. If i would like to uninstall it in the device Drivers it was not possible and my System was damaged and i cant install any other Networkdriver.
But must everyone by themself decide if he/she install it on the System or not.
It give better free programs than this, and only for three month and then please custumer pay thats not my thing.
Take Tor and its complete free or Hide IO if you would like to buy you a good Programm

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