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Crazy Train is a fun filled, fast paced action puzzler for all ages. Assume the role of Station Master and use your set of wacky turntables to direct the crazy runaway trains safely down the right track! Promote your way up to bigger and busier train yards and acquire more sophisticated turntables to help you cope with the ever increasing madness!

Crazy Train delivers a unique blend of arcade style action and challenging puzzles which will call into play your memory skills and also your spatial reasoning abilities.

Have you got what it takes to beat the Crazy Train?


– 20 unique stages
– Beginner and Advanced modes
– Promote your way up through 5 train yards
– Collect and use up to 5 turntables
– Direct up to 4 trains on the screen at once!
– Perform 360 and 720 stunt bonus moves
– Incur additional carriages for misguided trains


– Training Tutorials
– Checkpoint Saves
– Sound Options
– Difficulty Unlocking