24 hours or less Giveaway Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac Backup and Restore Android Data Using Your Mac 100% Off $0 $34.


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If you have an Android mobile device, you’re probably using Android Assistant. Today’s discount software promotion gives you those exact same features and benefits, but for your Mac! It’s Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac!

Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac lets you manage apps, backup and restore data, and manage SMS and contact information for your Android mobile device. With Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac, you’ll be able to copy your mobile data to your Mac, both to keep it secure and also to free up space on your mobile. And if your Android device gets corrupted, lost, destroyed, or otherwise befuddled, Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac will be right there for you, with a clean and pristine backup copy of all of your contacts, SMS, music, videos, apps, photos, documents

Coolmuster Android Assistant Backup and Restore Software 100%