Tweaks & Tips Cool Software for your Windows 8 System!


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I found in the last view weeks some cool and very interesting free software.

If you are a multipcuser please try this free Software (you Need only one mouse and Keyboard for two or 3 PCs) a very useful Software:

Share Mouse and Keyboard with multiple Computers

Or use the fantastic Mouse Macrorecorder also an fantastic free program its like as a macrorecorder:

Mouse Recorder - Documentation

Mouse Recorder -Download

I use this to give me adminrights for the System 32 and syswow 64 Folder.

Or here the cool Phrase Expander also free and very useful:

Autotext - Text Expander for Windows - Snippets Organizer

This is not free but also cool to know that you can use this software if you have the money:

Multi Monitor Software

I hope i can make you all a nice weekend with this free and cool Software:jackson::bravo:

If you find another musthave Software please post it here for 8.1.
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