Giveaway [Contest] EZ CD Audio Converter (10 Lifetime Licenses)

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EZ CD Audio Converter
EZ CD Audio Converter 9.1.6
EZ CD Audio Converter is a complete audio suite that features CD ripping, audio converting, and disc burning.

There was a time when people used to archive MP3 files on their computers. Mostly, because of lack of HDD space and the lack of easily available sources to buy the better versions of the songs. But things have changed over time. Now, lossless files are readily available and HDD prices have fallen down drastically. So, rather than storing the lossy MP3 music files, people are moving on to storing the lossless music files. Many of the audiophiles are even
ripping and archiving their Vinyl records and SACD collection. And while dealing with your music collection, you will, at some point in time, definitely feel the need of an audio converter. Maybe, to rip a CD or to convert a file from one format to another. That’s when EZ CD Audio Converter comes in, to save you from all the hassle.
Of course, there are many audio converters on the market, including free ones as well. So, what makes EZ CD Audio Converter special?
Let's go to following giveaway page link and try your luck if you are interested in the software :

No. of licenses: 10
Validity : Lifetime

Rules of the giveaway :
Comment below on why do you like EZ CD Audio Converter and want a license.
Participants need to have a post count of at least 10 before the end of this giveaway.
Refrain from using multiple accounts to enter this giveaway. Or else strict actions will be taken.
Admins/Mods reserves the right to block/ban anyone from participating in this contest.

The contest will end after 7 days of this post going live.
Winners will be chosen via and are expected to claim the license by sending me a direct message within 3 days from the announcement of the winners or else the license will be given away to whoever is next in line.

First 3 licenses will be given to the top referrers. If you are referring someone, please ask them to tag you in their comment. A minimum of 3 referrals is needed to qualify for this.

If any member is interested in above giveaway, do hurry and try your luck! If you really appreciate my work, you can tag my name in your comment.

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