24 hours or less Giveaway Chip Easter Special from 3rd April 2015 pick you up every day a good software


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The CHIP Easter special offers every year from Good Friday to Easter Monday exclusive software and app full versions for free download. In the CHIP Easter we have hidden again great software and apps this year. From Good Friday to Easter Monday we will surprise you every day with a free software downloads and a free app.

CHIP Online Oster-Special - CHIP

CHIP Osternest - Software und Apps kostenlos - CHIP

Coming Soon! Note this begin on 3rd march 2015!


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Today full version for Windows: Daminion Standalone Pro

Download from our Easter the free full version of the media management software "Daminion Standalone Pro" here.
"Daminion Standalone Pro" is meant for the management of very large amounts of files, such as photos, videos, music and other documents and accordingly offers a diverse format support. How to Spot "Daminion Standalone Pro" more than 100 file formats including RAW files, which is essential for photographers. With us you get the Pro version with no file limit as a free download. The year license normally costs around 80 euros.
To help you find the files you are looking for, the software provides a comprehensive search function with many parameters and operands. Any search can also be saved so you quickly have the required files on hand next time.

Additional support "Daminion Standalone Pro" Tagging and GEO-referencing. To see the places of origin of your images or can assign them a location. A handy feature when the day is its support for synonyms. For example, if an image with the tag "Auto" provided, you will find this even if you are searching for "cars". Stapelumbennenung, license management, duplicate checking and numerous export features are also on board.

To get Daminion Standalone ProOn the Action page, you have to just register with your name and a working email address and get immediate licensing your personal code.

Here you get your Download-Software

For me ist ok the free version with 15.000 files per catalog, i have not so much files on my Computer and i must pay nothing thats for me the better solution:

Daminion ● Preisliste


Today for Android WeatherOnline Pro APK - App

In CHIP Easter you received today the clever weather app "Weather Online Pro" of weather online for free. We offer you the APK installer file for free download that lets you easily install the app on your Android device. Weather Online Pro: Rapp bet with rain radar"Weather Pro Online" shows you the weather of any location on the globe. This can be determined automatically on request. The forecast is available for the next eight days. Places can be saved as favorites and easily retrieved.Particularly useful is the integrated weather radar and rain. With its help you detect impending storm fronts quickly and easily.

A major advantage of Pro version: You can significantly further zoom into the map and thus make more precise predictions. Also at the bottom shown commercials omitted in the free version.We offer an exclusive APK already unlocked the "Weather Online Pro" app on. To use the Pro version included all the advantages you need to do nothing more than to download and install on your Android device file.

Here you can download your free APK file App


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Today full version for windows: Genie Timeline Pro

In today's Easter, the backup software "Genie Timeline Professional" simply allows you to create a backup of your hard disk quickly and hidden. With "Genie Timeline Professional 2015" Today you are receiving a backup tool for free download. With a few clicks, you can now effectively back up your hard disk and also encrypt the backup yet.

Create encrypted backups
Start the program for the first time, you get fast and easy to explain how to create the first backup. For this, you must first select the drive where your backup is stored. The program gives you all drives, including external hard drives, the tool has no problems.

Did you select the appropriate drive, you now determine which files should be backed up. Genius offers you various options for this. Of course, you can choose which folders to back up. But the tool brings to this the function to make an intelligent backup. Here you can choose not between individual files, but between categories. You can, for example, to back up only your music or Office files. Genius scans your computer and detects the appropriate folders and files automatically.

Also iTunes backups include
An interesting feature provides genius to you to save even iPhone, iPad and iPod backups. For this, however, you must have previously created an iTunes backup, because only this, the program recognizes. In addition, you also save your books and bookmarks of known browser.

If all objects selected, you can already begin almost the backup. As a final step Genie Timeline would like to know whether the backup should be compressed and encrypted. The encryption can only pick a password. Genie shows at the input to the security of the password.

Next you specify whether the backup should be updated regularly. No matter whether hourly or on certain days of the week, you can determine the time free. The program detects duplicate files and backs up only one copy. Would you like to also check your status on the move, simply download the free app genius, and couple the software with the app.

So it goes to full version
The installation file can be installed without prior activation and is then automatically almost one year (360 days) valid.

Here you get your free Software


Today for Android: TV PRO

The free TV App "TV Pro" are now available in version 2 - the Android app offers among other things, a new design. Today's gift at Easter is an annual subscription of "TV Pro" worth nearly 10 Euo. With the app, the TV program the next 14 days can be viewed at a glance.

TV Pro: year Gold subscription as Easter Gift

In addition to pure familiar from the standard version program overview SUBSCRIPTION brings many additional features are released. So you see on the home screen daily program highlights including genre and rating. Are you interested in a look which shows other people like and recommend, take a look at the category "User Tips". Remember other users of the app some programs before, this will be displayed on the basis of a ranking.

Promo Code: TVPRO365CHIP

Would you like to know which transmitter is most seen in the moment, you can see this from the live statistics of live TV.

TV Pro TV program in the chic gown

The main function of the app is, of course, but in displaying the television program. Here offers "TV Pro" different views. Whether in the form of a beam or time divided into transmitter columns for every taste the right view is. Next there is a station list that you personalize according to your wishes. Simply remove the channels you do not want to see anyway.

Want to watch a particular genre, but have no desire to work through the full program list, you can simply search for precisely this genre. The app automatically filters the program and displays the genre corresponding shipping rates.

Thanks to the free year subscription gives you access to the program the next 14 days and even download it to also view it offline can. Next you can place items on a shopping list. "TV Pro" then remind you briefly before starting a program on the shipment.

To activate the Free annual license, start TV Pro on your Android device and select the settings "TV Pro Gold" and then "Redeem voucher". Now you simply enter the promotion code TVPRO365CHIP and then create a TV Pro ID. Once this is confirmed, your Free TV Pro Gold status for one year is active. Exactly how it works, we'll show you screen to view our photo gallery.

Note: This application requires Android OS 4.0 or later. About the download button you will be guided to the Google Play Store, which allows you to install the Software

Here you get your free app


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Today full version for windows: ProDrenalin

With the free full version of ProDrenalin you improve your Actioncam videos. With ProDrenalin you can improve your Actioncam footage. Whether Sony, GoPro-, Panasonic camera or another manufacturer, ProDrenalin help you find the clip to miss a polish.

The full version allows you to send your video with filters provided, so you can conjure up more colorful clips or take brightness of overexposed scenes. Furthermore, the fisheye effect that adds many Actioncams house, remove from the videos can. Camera shake can also be reduced with ProDrenalin so that your clips and round professional work.

ProDrenalin: How to full version
On the action side of ProDAD CHIP and you get after a short registration, activation code sent to your personal e-mail. All of the steps you can follow in the matching photo gallery.

Note: our download you get both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the software. Also at CHIP find the full version of the Mac version of ProDrenalin.


Download Windows Version

Download Mac.Version


Today for Android: Yahtzee live online

Play the popular dice game Yahtzee charge against your friends with the Android app "Yahtzee live online".

With "Yahtzee live online" you get one of the most popular games in the world as a handy Android app on your smartphone. How to play the dice game Yahtzee known live against your friends. We give you as part of our Osternestes an annual license for the ad-free version with a value of 8,99 EUR.

Yahtzee live online: Play Yahtzee my app to friends

In the app you play Yahtzee simply virtually as known from the original. You have three throws to achieve a particular goal. After each roll, you specify which of the five dice you want to keep and what you dice roll again.

The aim of the game is to reach certain dice combinations. So you need to progress through the game of numbers, a full house or the infamous "Yahtzee" five dice with the same number of dots, dice. Reach your score here defined intermediate levels, so you get even a bonus.

Promo Code: #kniffel

Against your opponents you contact either in real time or turn based on. This gives you only live duels also possible from time to time between playing a train without time to come under pressure. For victories and completing daily challenges and climb up the high score list to continue. It is particularly positive that "Yahtzee LIVE Online" completely without in-app purchases, and funded solely by advertisements. These disable our code but for a whole year and play as undisturbed.

We give you so in cooperation with b-interactive an annual license for the ad-free version with a value of 8.99 euros. To get the Pro version, simply type in the main menu on the three lines at the bottom right of the screen. Under the menu item "Promotion Code" They eventually enter the code exclusive #kniffel - already is the full version unlocked.

Note: This application requires Android OS 4.0 or later. About the download button you will be guided to the Google Play Store, which allows you to install the software.

Here you can download your free app