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Reg Organizer is a proprietary software designed for complete removal of software, setting up automatically launched applications, advanced cleaning and optimizing Windows, and managing the Windows registry. The program also allows you to create and compare snapshots of registry keys, has functions for tweaking the Windows operating system (tweaks) and the registry file editor.
• Extended automatic system cleaning. Allows you to make a comprehensive cleaning of the file system and system registry using both standard and additional tools. This allows you to free up disk space on your computer from outdated updates, old versions of operating systems, temporary files and other unnecessary items.
• Manager of programs launched with Windows. Allows you to disable autorun for unnecessary programs, postpone the launch less important for a certain time, which allows you to speed up the operating system boot time. You can evaluate the effectiveness of the actions performed using the built-in diagram showing the time of the last several operating system loads. As an auxiliary tool for working with autorun applications, Reg Organizer offers a built-in program rating that shows how often other users of the program postpone or remove certain entries from autoload.
• Advanced program removal (complete removal of programs). Using the Add / Remove Tools tool, you can completely remove unnecessary software. It is equipped with an automatic search function for the remnants of the program to be deleted, which is started after the removal by a regular uninstaller (removal tool) and scans the system for residual data of the deleted program. It also allows you to install programs with Reg Organizer tracking. During installation, Reg Organizer takes a detailed snapshot of the system state before the installation process begins. After installation, a second snapshot is created for comparison. During program deletion, the created snapshots are compared and the program cleans up all data that is not deleted using the standard program removal procedure.
• Advanced Registry Editor. Allows you to perform all the most popular actions with the system registry, which are present in the regular RegEdit tool. In addition, it has a built-in reg-file editor, an automatic search and replace function in the registry and a number of other features.
• Registry Optimization. The optimization process consists of two parts: compression and defragmentation. During the compression process, Reg Organizer deletes entries from the registry files that have been deleted from the registry. Defragmentation merges all fragments of the registry files together, which speeds up the launch of the operating system.
• Tweaks. A special interface for customizing the operating system allows you to make various tweaks, adjust the system to the preferences of a particular user, and fix various problems in the system (for example, a problem with the work of the Start menu in Windows 10).
• Compare registry snapshots. With the help of the functions of creating and comparing snapshots, you can monitor individual keys as well as the entire registry. This allows you to keep track of all changes in the registry that were made before and after creating the snapshots.
• Center undo changes. Reg Organizer's built-in backup mechanism for changing data that is being changed, which allows you to roll back changes if the user allows erroneous actions when editing the registry and using other functions.

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