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BarCode Reader is a tool for identifying barcodes that are found on absolutely any product. With this small and useful utility, you will receive detailed information about the characteristics of the product, which are encrypted in its barcode. The program is equipped with its own database, which includes statistical data on trade stamps. BarCode Reader is capable of recognizing domestic and foreign bar codes equally effectively. The data obtained in a few seconds, read from the "stroke", will help to check the manufacturer's declared technical characteristics of the goods and their compliance with reality. BarCode Reader works in a very simple and transparent way. Initially, you need to take a photo of the place on the product where there is a barcode that you need to download to your PC. After that, select the specified file and give the program the opportunity to scan the image. As a result, a report with data will appear in a separate window. Lovers of careful analysis will find in the application tabs many filters that will make the product report comprehensive. The BarCode Reader interface is designed in English, but this will not be a problem, because everything is intuitive here. The size of the software is minimal, there is a possibility of simultaneous processing of several files. Works great with a huge number of graphic formats. The main features of BarCode Reader are: • Reading and decoding barcodes; • Availability of our own database; • Support for many graphic formats; • Fast scanning; • Working with multiple files at the same time. Download BarCode Reader - to be able to quickly decode barcodes on goods of domestic and foreign production.

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Download: Giveaway_Bytescout_BarCode_Reader.exe

The download link for Bytescout BarCode Reader is given to you above. Download and install Bytescout BarCode Reader. After install, run Bytescout BarCode Reader and register it with the following:

  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key:5209-6CB7-56F2-5595-6F1
You can register it by going to HELP -> REGISTRATION.
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ByteScout Barcode Reader 11.2.0 for free on the Giveaway of the Day. Less than 20 hours left.

The promotion is not original. Same installer and license as in the post above.

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Terms and conditions:

1) License lifetime
2) No free technical support
3) No free upgrades to future versions
4) Strictly non-commercial usage

Giveaway Page: ByteScout Barcode Reader 11.2.0
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