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Bitrot Detector scans your files (all of them, or the ones you specify) and generates digital fingerprints for each one (SHA-2 hashes, specifically). It also tracks each files' location and size. After the first scan, Bitrot Detector performs periodic scans, compares fingerprints and lets you know if any files have changed. You can then determine if there were any unwanted changes, and restore any corrupted/deleted files from your backups, while there's still time. (Bitrot Detector is a backup scheme companion, you can use the backup software or scheme you prefer to backup and restore your files.)

It's obvious when a hard drive has crashed or a computer been stolen that a backup needs to be restored. However, more subtle forms of data loss can often go unnoticed. By performing periodic scans with Bitrot Detector, you'll become aware of any subtle data loss, while you can still do something about it.

Giveaway of the Day. Bitrot Detector 16.1 - Bitrot Detector scans your files and generates digital fingerprints for them.