Best Recovery Apps for Android to Restore Deleted Data

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Suppose you’ve deleted those lovely photo/video/audio fileswhich are sent by girlfriend on your LG G Flex 2 by mistake, is there any way that you can recover LG G Flex 2 media data and how? If you deleted or formatted files from the microSD card of your LG G Flex 2, congratulations! There’s a good chance you can retrieve them. All you need is a data recovery tool. Of course, you’re not supposed to edit any data back to your LG cell phone or the card after the disaster. Overwritten would make your previous files very hard to be recovered.

Before you can start, get a LG G Flex 2 file recovery tool: recover deleted pictures android , which is professional to recover photos, video and audio files from LG cell phones, no matter you delete, format or lost them due to other reasons. Besides LG G Flex 2, the program supports all LG phone models which includs LG Optimus G, 4X HD, L7 P705, L9, L5 E612, L3 E400, VU, F5. Not only the deleted photos videos and other files can be recovered, but it also restores lost files after LG android phone memory card reformat.

Step by Step to Recover Media Data on LG G Flex 2:

1.STEP 1: Connect your LG G Flex 2 with your Windows computer. All the recovery steps are basically on performing to use your LG G Flex 2 as a USB drive. Then launch the software and click the proper module in the primary window as follow. Run this data recovery for SD card.

STEP 2: Highlight the drive which your deleted files originally located and then click Next button, now the program will start to scan the partition for the deleted files and folders. After the scanning, there would be a list of partitions. Then there will be a lot of found files shown on the panel.

STEP 3: Preview the found files, see if they are right what you have emptied from Recycle Bin. Then click the button Recover to complete the android photo recovery .
Android Data Recovery Software is great to recover android lost formatted data with easy. Download and install android photo recovery (


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Since a delete command only flagged the memory block where the deleted files stored as available for use, it doesn’t actually erase or destroy any messages, contacts or videos. So we can use Android recovery tool to get them back: Android SMS Recovery
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The best recovery app for android. If you did not create a backup file before lost android data.You can extract data from backup files .
Or you can not backup ,using Android Data Recovery software to help you find lost data ,like photos,contacts,videos,messages and more .
There is no doubt that to back up your phone is a good habit to keep your important files and Android Data Recovery is apparently helpful to recover deleted/lost files as you like. No matter what Android users you are, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, or Sony Ericsson, android data recovery can help you recover your deleted photos as well as other files. It has an excellent function that not only can recover photos, but also can recover videos, contacts, text messages, and other data. Do according to steps of the recovery app guidance after installing to regain your deleted data.


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Thanks for sharing, to retrieve data from android phone internal storage, we should use an android data recovery app to help, the deleted data were not disappear permanently, we can recover them before new saved data covered them.
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