Best photo collage maker?

Camille sara

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My mom's birthday is tomorrow and her favorite person/pet/friend/companion in the entire world was our boxer, Cassius. Well he died just last week and she misses him terribly. I recently started getting a little bit involved in photography and I have a TON of the dog doing the things he/they loved to do. So for her birthday I was hoping I could take all of those pictures and put them into some sort of collage so that she would always have him close by. Problem is, I'm not very artistic and I have no clue how to even begin to make a collage. Is there any website or anything online that I could simply upload the photos I want to use and then it would kind of do the collage part for me?? I need something extremely quick and easy.


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If you you have an image editor like photoshop already, then you could use that instead, by import images into one file, each in new layers, then move around and place on canvas, rotate resize, and effects, and print out.If you don't grasp the complex photoshop,you also can choose one simple photo collage maker like amoyshare PCM . Easy to use and make unique pictures.