Best for beginners?


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:sneaky::LOL:Ubuntu make all updates automatic and work with old Computers good together. test it in VirtualBox ist Linux for beginners.
Here is the free VirtualBox :
Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Here is a free Software where you can download all Linux-Versions and make you an iso and then install the System in your VirtualBox and from there you can test all Linux, ubuntu and Windows System. Its up to you what you prefer.
Get Linux - Download - CHIP

A Linux Distro Xfce (Manjaro and Xubuntu are the best, for me, for beginners). If your computer has more than 2 gigabytes of RAM, you can use KDE desktop (Manjaro, Kubuntu...)
If you decide on ubuntu or a derivative thereof, the most interesting is to install an LTS (more tested and serviced) version