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Currently I'm using FORTICLIENT, a pretty unknown security software that has a great malware detection rate (and it's very lightweight on PC resources as well).


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A word to the wise and the weary if you are looking for the best anti-malware protection.

I have used Emsisoft anti-malware for ten+ years and think it is the best and most user friendly. ... It proves itself to be equal or better than its competitors year after year in tests conducted by independent highly regarded testing companies. ... But it on Black Friday weekend if your money is tight. -- If you have the money buy it now after you have done a little more research about it on software forums and Google search.

The company is based in Australia and it is not included in many reviews of "The top Rated Anti-malware" apps that you see when you search on Google or other search engines. --- Couple it with VoodooShield and Zamana Antilogger and you will have the best computer protection suite available in my opinion. ... Some may consider this over-kill but it works for me. You will need a computer with at least 12 megs of ram. --- I never have less than 16mg if I want a computer to run fast.

I have come to despise "bad actors" who create anti-malware just to hurt people. -- I think they fit the definition of true sadists.


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Avira. It uses less system resources. It has a clear and intuitive interface and a strong detection and protection ability.