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BeeCut is a simple video editor software that comes with lots of functions including chroma cutout, text and speech converting, dubbing, cropping, cutting, merging, making PIP, adding mosaic to video, zooming and freezing frame, etc. It offers you hundreds of crafted transitions, overlays, elements, texts, and filters. You can use it to make a quality video within minutes, no computer skills needed.

Overview of BeeCut Features:
• Supports various video aspect ratios
• Allows burning to DVD
• Mobile editing through Android and iOS apps
• Trim, cut, split, and combine functions
• Multiple timeline layers
• Supports various media types (videos, images, texts, filters, etc.)
• Supports addition of custom video intros
• Supports addition of text overlay and subtitles
• Speech-to-text conversion
• Text-to-speech conversion
• Video transitions
• Overlays and filters
• Creative masks and mosaics
• Slow down, speed up, and flip functions
• Color and visual effects adjustment
• Picture-in-picture video support
• Video stabilization tool
• Voiceover and background audio editing

Four Steps to Edit Your Videos:
1. Import your videos, audios or images to the Media area.
2. Drag the files to the Timeline.
3. Edit your videos on the Timeline. You can basically trim, cut, split, merge and rotate video clips. You can also use its advanced functions, for example, animated texts, PIP effects, filters, overlays, transitions and zoom to enhance your video.
4. Click the “Export” button to save your video in HD quality on the local disk.



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Thanks for sharing, I've been using TunesKit AceMovi to make videos about my family and friends and editing it in this app. It's great for beginners especially for me as an total noob in video making.