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Avira Phantom VPN Pro is an effective program that offers all the benefits of private virtual networks in an unobtrusive way. Unlock prohibited sites and services and improve the security of your Internet connections with a modern and reliable VPN service. Currently, one of the best ways to improve privacy when transferring data and other user activity is to use a VPN. Delivered from one of the leading antivirus software vendors, Avira Phantom VPN simplifies the process of anonymous and safe surfing on the Internet, and also helps to unblock websites and services that are prohibited in certain regions in just a few clicks of the mouse. In the settings menu, the user can seamlessly change the country of the VPN server and configure the transfer of diagnostic data to Avira. In addition, you can configure the service to start automatically at system startup.
Key features of Avira Phantom VPN:
• Easy installation process and easy interaction.
• The application runs silently in the background and after minimizing does not take up space on the taskbar.
• Thanks to the minimalistic user interface, getting all the benefits. Virtual Private Networks are available with a simple click of the “Connect” button.
• Quality and usability.
• A simple and logical user interface simplifies interaction.
• Avira Phantom VPN supports strong 256-bit end-to-end encryption.
• Select a country of connection.

You have this gift with two choices. Either you opt for the 3-month license, which is completely free and only an E-Mail address is required. Or choose the 6-month license, which is also free of charge. However, payment information must be provided. Should not be terminated within the first 6 months, extended the subscription automatically, and will cost 7,95 € per month. In both cases, the instructions of the manufacturer.
3-month-license (without automatic renewal)
6-month license (with the input of payment data, cancellable at any time, starting at 7. Month 7,95 € per month)
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