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Avira Password Manager is a password manager that protects and simplifies digital life by storing all your passwords and synchronizing them between all devices.
Version Password Manager Pro allows you to view security status. You will immediately see if there is a threat to your accounts and passwords, and you can protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.
Check accounts. Has one of your online accounts been hacked? See the security status in the notification if your data appears on the Internet or was stolen as a result of a cyber attack.
Check websites. Some websites you register with can be dangerous. Security status allows you to check if the website has an HTTPS certificate (this means that any communication between the browser and the website is encrypted for security purposes).
Check passwords. Security status allows you to analyze existing passwords and notifies you of weak or duplicate passwords so that you can strengthen your protection.
• Install the password manager on all your desktops / Windows, macOS and Linux / and mobile devices / Android and iOS.
• Updates for the program are available during the term of the license.

! ! ! After 3 months the free version is automatically activated !