Avast Browser Cleanup



This tool serves to delete pesky and unwanted toolbars and plug-ins from your browser(s). Simply download and run the Browser Cleanup utility without the need to install anything. Once you run the utility, you will see a list of toolbars and plug-ins and be able to disable them with one simple click.

Browser Cleanup removes the annoying toolbars, plug-ins, and add-ons that gum up your web browser, including some that the average user would find difficult to remove, while leaving your safe or approved toolbars and extensions alone.

Note: For Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Close your browser(s) before using this tool.

Languages: English, Deutsch
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That's great post , it really useful and awesome in functionality. I have avast and it really effective indeed. There are other PC cleaner are also available like c cleaner, optimo pro, avg cleaner, these are also good.
Thank You


Can't stop visiting Download.hr
I gave up on Avast a couple of years back. i use 360 Total Security now very light on system


I like a lot Download.hr
I recently use Avast, on my computer, but I don't trust Avast Browser Cleanup and I don't install it. I think are better programs than these, like a Auslogics Browser Care. When I have adware installed in my Internet Browser I sometimes use adw cleaner. Only sometimes, because this software is for advanced user and I sometimes don't know what I can remove.