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screenshot-3-985x641.jpgAvalon Optimizer will help you remove unnecessary files on your hard drive to free up disk space and speed up your computer. It also provides many options to choose from, allowing advanced users to delete even more files that they don’t need.
Features of Avalon Optimizer:
• Speed up your system and network
• Disable unnecessary Windows services
• Disable Windows Telemetry
• Disable Office Telemetry (only works since 2016)
• Disable Cortana
• Disabling automatic updating of Windows 10
• Removing UWP applications
• Block Skype ads
• System Disk Cleanup
• Fix common registry problems
• Removing unwanted programs launched at startup
• Change the Microsoft Edge Downloads folder
• Edit the hosts file
• Add items to the desktop menu, right-click
• Defining custom commands for the Run dialog box
And much more...