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AV Voice Changer Software is an application with which you can turn a man's voice into one of the hundreds of possible voices of women in real time and vice versa. At the same time, the program supports the ability to change the voice, both during normal Internet communication and PC2Phone communication (PC2Phone is a service that allows Internet users to call from their computers to regular phones).
It is worth noting that the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition allows you to easily adjust any parameters for changing the voice, as well as apply various special effects. The program is compatible with most instant messaging clients such as Yahoo Messenger (YIM), AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, MSN, PalTalk, Odigo, Netmeeting and Roger Wilco. And also with programs that allow you to communicate via PC2Phone-connection: Net2Phone, Dialpad, Go2Call, DeltaThree, MaxPhone, etc.
Voice Changer Software can create different voices for movies, sound clips and presentations. The program also allows you to record your modified voice in real time or to change already created audio files. The program supports work with almost all audio players: Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealOne Player, Music Match, Music Jukebox, PowerDVD, WinDVD, Zoom Player, BlazeDVD, Hero DVD Player, as well as karaoke players and Internet radio. Voice Changer Software can record original or modified sound from various sources, including microphone, voice chat, instant messaging software, voice messages, streaming music and Internet broadcasting.

• Download https://www.audio4fun.com/download.php?product=vcs&type=exe
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To activate your free copy, visit the page < below > and fill in the form.
Start the program and enter the name, email, and the copied serial code into the pop-up window.
Click "Register".

! ! You have to install it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over !

• No free technical support
• No free upgrades to future versions
• Strictly non-commercial usage



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