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Auslogics BoostSpeed is a package of utilities for quickly and efficiently tuning your computer for maximum performance. The built-in System Adviser tool will check the system settings using fifty different tests and offer recommendations on the results of each test. The program checks the system in real time and if it finds that any of the parameters can be optimized, it will definitely inform you about it. Convenient navigation makes it easy to manage the program. All utilities and features are quickly available. The main tasks - cleaning disks, fixing errors in the registry, as well as file defragmentation can be performed with just a few mouse clicks! The program displays the current state of the computer and, if necessary, offers to check the system.
If you accidentally deleted the necessary file, document or photo, use the new BoostSpeed utility - File Recovery. This program recovers any types of files deleted from the hard drive, USB-drive or memory card of a digital camera. Thanks to the file preview function, you can quickly find and restore exactly what you need.
Using the Search for Errors on Disk utility, you can check your hard disk for errors in the file system. If an unreadable sector is detected, Disk Doctor restores the data in this sector and transfers it to the newly allocated cluster. Thus, with this program you can monitor the status of your hard drive, as well as prevent data loss.
Another new utility, Disk Overview, will help you control the use of disk space on your hard drive. With this program you will find out which folders, files and file types (video, music, documents, etc.) take up the most space on your hard drive. The list of “Top-100 files” that displays the largest files on your disk will help you quickly free up disk space.
Key features of the program Auslogics BoostSpeed:
• Disk Cleaner. Removes useless files that slow down your computer.
• Disk Defrag. Defragment drives and optimize the location of system files.
• Registry Cleaner. Eliminates thousands of registry errors and improves computer stability.
• Registry Defrag. Defragment the registry and reduce the use of RAM.
• Disk Doctor. Finds and fixes bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors.
• Internet Optimizer. Optimizes the default settings for your Internet connection.
• Track Eraser. Deletes your computer and Internet usage history to protect your privacy.
• Disk Wiper. It wipes free disk space and prevents the recovery of deleted information.
• File Shredder. Erases selected files on disks and USB drives so that they cannot be recovered.
• File Recovery. Recovers files accidentally deleted from disks, USB devices and cameras.
• Duplicate File Finder. Helps to find and remove duplicate files that are wasting disk space.
• Services Manager. Disables unnecessary services that may slow down your computer.
• Startup Manager. Allows you to manage programs that run with Windows.
• Uninstall Manager. Completely uninstalls programs that you no longer need.
• Tweak Manager. Allows you to adjust hundreds of Windows settings to speed up your computer.
• Task Manager. Displays all running processes, services, and locked files.
• Disk Explorer. Displays the files that take up the most disk space.
• System Information. Displays detailed information about your equipment and programs.

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Auslogics BoostSpeed v 10.0.24
Offer conditions:
- This is a lifetime license.
- Non-commercial use
- No free technical support


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Auslogics BoostSpeed v 10.0.24 is one of most complete programs that manage a lot of little utilities for tuning our computer for maximum performance.
Vitor Coelho

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You may be still live in the last century, and any optimization and cleaning programs of the last century are totally unsuitable today and can even be very dangerous.
In case you really want to use this kind of PUP, at least use the current version, ie Auslogics BoostSpeed (unless a newer one has already been released)
Don't use centuries-old versions! This is really very dangerous.
But anyone who knows a little bit about software and history probably knows that Auslogics, Tweakbit, etc. are long-known malware, and to top it all off, it's the same thing that's been trying to sell for a quarter of a century... Has been several times fully blocked etc.
In reality, it is really antique and no one should use such a thing. Not even if you have Windows XP or an older OS.
People - Where do you live or where do you come from that You glorifying and promoting such malware? Scary to think about. Are You really so malicious?


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In case you really want to use this kind of PUP, at least use the current version, ie Auslogics BoostSpeed (unless a newer one has already been released)
Don't use centuries-old versions! This is really very dangerous.
So after all not all users on 10 Windows sit, for those who on 7, 8, 8.1 and *is sharpened v 10.0.24 .