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With the freely available Audials TV Recorder 2020 TV content, Online video clips and Podcasts, easily view, acquire, and stored on the computer. The built-in Hyper library allows direct access to thousands of content of all Mediathekten German TV channels. Shipments of The First and ZDF, you can directly download the content from other media libraries are available for recording. In addition, the Tool provides access to over 300 Live TV Streams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. Rounded off the Podcast by the self-updating database, as well as a YouTube Downloader, for the Video Clips directly from the platform records.
By clicking on the "gift" download directly the Setup-file of the program from our Server to your computer. To Start the Installation, the wizard will download all the files from the network and installs them on the computer. After the product activation is done by entering the Name and the Creation of a free Audials account. You should be already Audials account, login with the existing Account in order to unlock the full version.

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Audials TV Recorder 2020 for free on the Giveaway of the Day. 16 hours left.

Terms and conditions:
1) License lifetime
2) No free technical support
3) No free upgrades to future versions
4) Strictly non-commercial usage

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