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Audials One is a one-stop shop for all of your music, television and film. You can use it to stream from Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and just about any other service you can think of through a single interface. It's fantastic and makes finding songs, shows and movies a lot easier than using a separate app for each service.
It's not all about streaming services, though; Audials One also recreates the long tradition of recording your favorite songs from the radio, allowing you to download tracks as they play on thousands of online radio stations ..
The software can “listen” to specific tracks on the wishlist and download them as they play live. This is a slightly tricky way to expand your music collection, as recording from live radio stations is generally considered fair play (although laws vary from country to country). Audials has improved suggestion autocomplete for wishlists in Audials 2020 which is a great time-saver.
Want to listen to a live radio station and not just a song? Again, Audials One has you covered. The sheer number of stations available could be a nightmare to navigate, but luckily the huge list is broken down into sensible categories (pop, rock, chill-out, etc.), which then fall into more esoteric genres. You can also search stations by country, and there is a robust search tool if you have something more specific.
This isn't the only new addition in the 2020 release; if you are a Spotify user, you will be pleased to know that you can now drag and drop multiple playlists in Audials One and download speed is greatly improved.
In the video realm, not only can Audials One 2020 pull content from any streaming service you subscribe to, but it also allows you to view entire playlists without ads. Audials is working with Google to make this feature free and legitimate rather than trying to download videos one at a time using a separate YouTube downloader.
You also don't need to search for each streaming service separately. If you know what you want to watch, just enter it in the main search bar and Audials One 2020 will find and combine the results of all of them ..
Sure, downloading a huge amount of content means your media library can easily get out of hand, but luckily Audials 2020 offers great auto-tags and automatically adds any missing metadata where possible.
One of our complaints about Audials One 2019 (and there weren't many) was that the interface was a bit cluttered. This is understandable given how much information needs to be displayed on the screen at any time, but sometimes it can make it difficult to navigate and find the parts you want.
* Slightly disappointing that Audials 2020 still uses the dirty "similar artists" spider diagram that we remember from previous versions of the software. The Music Zoom feature, which shows related artists and their position in relation to different genres, is rather confusing - not least due to hyper-niche labels like Heavy Christmas and Deep Swedish hip-hop.
The Bot tool, which creates and downloads playlists for you based on a specific artist or radio station, is much easier, making a list of suggestions and downloading a certain number of tracks for you in just a couple of clicks. This is a great way to find new music that you enjoy.
It's great to see Audials continue to iterate and improve their software every year, taking user feedback on board, and Audials One 2020 is its strongest release to date.
*** Developers have to work fast to keep up with the fast-paced world of streaming TV and music, and as more companies come into the fray, tools like Audials One will become extremely important ..
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Awesome post! I bought several songs from iTunes years ago, but to be honest iTunes is done now and I don't want to stream songs on it any more. And then I got a iTunes Music Converter to download all my purchased songs. Then they can be played anywhere.

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With Audials One, you can record audios from your computer, and here I would also recommend TunesKit Audio Capture to you, a great audio recording tool. It also can record music from various streaming music services like Tidal and more with high audio quality.