Ashampoo Uninstaller


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Ashampoo Uninstaller 7 - a solution for a clean and fast PC without unwanted programs, toolbars, plug-ins and Windows applications.
View and remove Windows applications
New: Create a detailed installation log of two snapshots
Search and remove browser extensions
Scan applications up to 400% faster
Creating snapshots up to 20 times faster
Fast online with privacy protection ExFAT support for flash drives
In-depth cleaning of the remaining files
Uninstalling nested installers
Improved plant monitoring



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Hi! Could you share the source link and source set up insterller? Thank you so much.

Maybe you open a spoiler?


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Maybe you open a spoiler?
It's just the page to get the license. What I mean is that the source of the giveaway page. I think the .exe downloaded from the home page cannot active before, but now I successfully activated the software.Thank you!