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Each copy data from USB to a computer, you will have to sort and copy the format in each folder separately. Now with Ashampoo Media Sync, the job will be done fully automated help facilities save valuable time.
The capacity of 12,05MB, compatible Windows XP / Vista / 7.. Ashampoo Media Sync is an programs that was created with the sole purpose of identifying and automatically organize your multimedia files and documents are located on different storage devices.

Held automatically. Do not take the time to hunt for and organize your files by hand! Ashampoo Media Sync scan, identify and organize your media for you into the category (Documents, Music, Pictures, Video) – automatically. - Organize the files immediatelyNo more files chaos! Just plug your device. Compatible with all devices enable autoplay. CD, DVD, flash drive, smartphone, digital camera and more. Share your name and MediaSync support!​

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