Giveaway Ashampoo Burning Studio 2o14 all the year free


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Yes but for what i should buy me expensive Burnprograms. My free programs what i become from giveaways here do everything what Nero and co can do no different with no cost. Here my burnprograms what i have on my Computer and thats more than enough for a normal PC-User.


Kalju is simply the best
Homepage: Ashampoo® Burning Studio 15 - Overview
Relaese date: 2014/12/08


Kalju is simply the best
Only 30 day Testversion where is the fullversionkey?:ROFLMAO:
You could not guess correctly understand that this is preliminary information and the release date is 08/12/2014.
But of course, I can tell you how to get the full version for free if you do not know it yet. But now it's a bit early.