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ASCOMP PDF Conversa is an easy-to-use office converter. Supports two-way conversion between PDF and Word files: you can convert PDF documents to DOC / DOCX or Word files to PDF. A professional converter works quickly and efficiently, while, as the developers assure, the graphics, tables and fonts associated with the main document remain unchanged.
Password-protected documents can be easily converted and processed in Word. If desired, password protection can be applied to your Word documents, when converting to PDF, special fonts can be integrated directly into a PDF file, texts can be compressed, and you can determine the image quality from the graphics contained. PDF Conversa will process your documents with one click.
If you want to convert PDF documents to Word DOC file format or convert Word documents to PDF - PDF Conversa will do it professionally.
PDF to Word: Convert PDF files to Word DOC files quickly and easily. All contents of the document: graphics, tables and fonts, links to the basic layout, remain unchanged.
Password-protected documents can be easily converted and processed in Word.
DOC / DOCX to PDF: if you wish, you can protect the document with a password during conversion to PDF, you can also integrate it into a PDF file, all elements from the DOC / DOCX file: special fonts, texts can be compressed, and you can determine the quality Images.
Convert documents to the desired format or edit existing documents in the preferred PDF format — Conversa handles the conversion with one click.
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PDF Conversa Professional Edition


Your download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_PDF_Conversa_Professional_Edition_hub.exe
The download link for PDF Conversa is given to you above. Download and install PDF Conversa. After install, run it. Upon launch, you'll be running the 14-day trial period by default. Click the REGISTER NOW at the top menu/navigation. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. A dialog should appear inside the software. Click the REGISTER NOW link shown in the dialog. It should automatically open a registration page in your default web browser. Fill out the registration page with details like email address then click SEND. Check your email inbox for an email with subject "Your ASCOMP software registration". Click the confirmation link in that email and then check your email inbox once again. A second email should arrive containing your Customer ID and Password. COPY and enter/PASTE the Customer ID on the software activation dialog. Click DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION and wait for a few seconds (up to a minute) and if registration is successful, the software will automatically download and update itself to full version. You may be asked to go through the install process again but once that is done, start PDF Conversa once again and it should now run as a full version (Professional Edition), which should be displayed on the software title bar.


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You must install/register the software within 14 days, and cannot do so afterwards. Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for 6 months!