24 hours or less Giveaway Apex Text To Speech 2.3.8

Geo Aachen

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Apex Text to Speech software converts text content into WAV audio file with normal speaking voices. It can read documents loudly for listening anytime and anywhere. Just open your text document and click ‘Speak’ button to listen it, clear human accent or just click ‘Save As’ button to create a WAV sound file. Using this application, you can listen to any text content, instead of straining your eyes. The program speaks content of plain text, WebPages, MS-Word, PDF, Email, RTF, RSS feeds using clipboard monitoring feature. You can easily listen to the files later, using iPod, PC audio players, MP3 player etc.

Key Features:
  • Text to audio software speaks your clipboard text content clearly;
  • Text to voice speech conversion tool converts and saves your text document into spoken WAV files;
  • Listen to the text data copied to the clipboard immediately;
  • Install all voices on your computer and search for more on the internet;
  • The program is very simple and easy to use.