AnyDVD Switch Promotion - Passkey (1-year ) limited time discount, up to 50% off


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Slysoft being shut down does not mean the end of the world, you still have Passkey to defend your Fair Use right.
There have long been rumors that Passkey takes the advantage of AnyDVD HD to do its work. Thus, if there is such an option on the table, why not take it?
The chance is that Passkey is being offered at 30% off on the 1-year subscription for the time being. If you are a former AnyDVD HD user, there is an extra surprise!
More info, visit AnyDVD Switch Promotion | SlySoft is gone, Passkey is still here to defend your Fair Use right.

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DVDFab Passkey for Bluray
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Passkey for Blu-ray, the best blu-ray decrpter that decrypt and remove any Blu-ray Protections in movies, even Blu-ray 3D movies.

Does SlySoft Have a Counter Plan?

Does SlySoft have a backup plan to make a return in the future? Likely they will and hopely they can live up to their customers' expectations! Good news is that they are seemingly planning to return to the market by rebranding the SlySoft into RedFox. Does this mean we will be able to see RedFox software, RedFox AnyDVD, RedFox AnyDVD HD, RedFox DVD backup, RedFox DVD Copy and RedFox DVD Ripper surface shortly? Only time can tell! Anyway, good luck! RedFox!