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Discussion in 'Office' started by Tyler5806, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Tyler5806

    Tyler5806 Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome 47.0.2526.106
    I am looking for free alternatives to Office, can anyone recommend some good ones?
  2. Kalju

    Kalju Software guru

    Windows 10 Chrome 47.0.2526.106
    Why not - click image
  3. JO ONG

    JO ONG PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome 47.0.2526.83
    Softthink office 2016 free /Ashampoo office 2016 paid
  4. Tyler5806

    Tyler5806 Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 39.0
    Thanks for the help I will check these out!
  5. gertis

    gertis Basic PC user

    Windows 8.1 Firefox 43.0
    Ashampoo office 2016 paid
  6. Xavier Torres

    Xavier Torres Software guru

    Windows 8.1 Firefox 43.0
    I think you can take advantage of such programs as LibreOffice or
  7. maxel

    maxel PC guru

    Windows 7 Chrome 48.0.2564.82
    LibreOffice its ok.
  8. sterchin

    sterchin Advanced PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 32.0
  9. yahel

    yahel Basic PC user

    Linux (Ubuntu) Firefox 44.0
    wps is the most microsoft compatible
  10. Dzi

    Dzi Administrator Staff Member

    Windows 8.1 Chrome 48.0.2564.97
    I think LibreOffice is one of the best alternatives at this moment
  11. sedative

    sedative PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 48.0.2564.109
    Dont know, for me Libre is a bit laggy I use Microsoft Office 2010 still,and if for alternatives Softmaker Office Standard 2012 and Kingsoft Office Pro 2013 :)
  12. vip6k

    vip6k Learning to use PC

    Windows XP Chrome 49.0.2623.102
    Libre office I use for a long time. I am quite satisfied with it, the functionality is sufficient. Can MS office and better but I was quite happy Libre there is more than enough functionality. All the same, I do not use all the features of the product is 100%. The program actively develops. The majority of the MS office formats opens, edits and keeps.
  13. Michael Campa

    Michael Campa Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Unknown
    Since, for better or worse, 90% of the world is using Microsoft Office I think the other free ones, including the great Open Office, need to make it more compatible with Microsoft. I know it is. at least on paper, but I still find opening documents from MS often don't exactly look like as they do there nor saving it in doc or docx do the same.
  14. Hamid ceylan

    Hamid ceylan Learning to use PC

    Windows 10 Firefox 45.0
    libre office is a good free alternative.
  15. AsifJokhio

    AsifJokhio Basic PC user

    Windows 8.1 Chrome 49.0.2623.87
    Microsoft Office is best.
  16. Revanchistus

    Revanchistus PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 49.0.2623.110
    Libre Office is just like office from microsoft but is free and easy to use
  17. ali2015

    ali2015 Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Firefox 45.0
    there are so many alternatives such as libre, wps, FreeOffice,OpenOffice,
  18. andys

    andys Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome 50.0.2661.75
    I think LibreOffice is the best alternatives to Microsoft Office. Also you can try WPS office.
  19. tasiemka

    tasiemka Advanced PC user

    Windows 10 Firefox 45.0
    Open Office is good enough.
  20. Integer

    Integer Basic PC user

    Windows 8 Firefox 44.0
    Libre Office, Ability Office, Ashampoo Office, Kingsoft WPS Office.

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