Alternatives to Microsoft Office


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I think LibreOffice is one of the best alternatives at this moment


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Dont know, for me Libre is a bit laggy I use Microsoft Office 2010 still,and if for alternatives Softmaker Office Standard 2012 and Kingsoft Office Pro 2013 :)


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Libre office I use for a long time. I am quite satisfied with it, the functionality is sufficient. Can MS office and better but I was quite happy Libre there is more than enough functionality. All the same, I do not use all the features of the product is 100%. The program actively develops. The majority of the MS office formats opens, edits and keeps.

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Since, for better or worse, 90% of the world is using Microsoft Office I think the other free ones, including the great Open Office, need to make it more compatible with Microsoft. I know it is. at least on paper, but I still find opening documents from MS often don't exactly look like as they do there nor saving it in doc or docx do the same.


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I think LibreOffice is the best alternatives to Microsoft Office. Also you can try WPS office.