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AllMyNotes Organizer is designed to structure huge amounts of various information, allows you to break it down into categories in a hierarchical order, set access by password, and easily use search and navigation.
Information is all around us, it is everywhere: access codes, bookmarks, ideas that are better written down, significant dates, birthdays, phone numbers, draft letters, business cards, pictures. The list can be endless. And at the same time, there are many programs to simplify data maintenance: organizers, task managers, calendars, password keepers, and many other narrowly focused tools. These programs are good, however, they have a limited scope, with a limited set of fields for data entry.
Key features:
• Organization of your text and graphic information in a hierarchy (free structure).
• Advanced text editor: tables (including sorting function), alarms, file attachments (with preview mode), double-click phone calls (Skype or other application).
• Instant search across all information.
• Reliable and advanced data storage (support> 4Gb files, very fast, 1800-bit data encryption at a low level so that your important data cannot be traced).
• Reminders.
• Password generator.
• Fast data capture (via the icon in the taskbar).
• Drag & drop support.
• Automatic data backup.
• Import and export of files (html, rtf, knt, txt, gif, png, bmp, jpeg, and some others).
• Supports over 30 languages.
• Various themes and skins.

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AllMyNotes Organizer - Paid upgrades and must be installed during promotion day v3.37 - PC
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