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AlfaReader is a very unusual and advanced utility for reading e-books, which has its own specific specialization in work. Also, this software stands out for its wide support for text document formats, so you can forget about the existence of converting tools forever.
This virtual version is especially suitable for those that are engaged in reading literary texts, magazines, reference books, and so on. Difficult medical or technical material is also great, thanks to the visual adaptation of numerical information.
Separately, it is worth noting a very flexible and advanced customization, thanks to which users will be able to independently adjust the visual and technical parameters of the editor, the design of the text, interface, and other features. All this will allow you to quickly adapt the process of working with the application for your eyes.
Application advantages:
* Portable version that allows you to run software from a flash drive;
* Automatic memorization of human actions, to restore them when re-opening documents;
* Wide support for text formats;
* Ability to install pawns;
* Support for audio listening to text;