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The most powerful and easy to use book organizer. Alfa Ebooks Manager is a program that allows you to organize your electronic and paper books in a single electronic library.
Store e-books and printed books in one e-library. Group, filter and sort books by several parameters. Find any book in just a second by title, author or ISBN.
- Customize the look of your digital library.
- Scan e-book metadata.
- Built-in e-book.
- Management and playback of audio books.
- Updating books from the Internet.
- Updating pictures from Google Images.
- View books in 3D.
- Editing book metadata.
- Built-in file manager.
- Powerful search and filtering tools.
- E-book converter.
- Manage e-books on your Kindle or other e-books.
- Web interface.
- OPDS server and client.
- Download e-books from OPDS public directories.
- Create your own OPDS directory for devices on your local network.

Automatic activation of the program

Software version: v 8.2 Basic
No Free Updates
No Free Support
Personal use only