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Adguard for Android is designed to completely block all kinds of online advertising, speed up loading of Web pages, saving mobile traffic and protect your device from potential online threats.

Adguard filters only a web browser, without affecting the operation of other applications installed on your device. The app uses a unique technology to filter traffic to your smartphone / tablet, which does not require ROOT-law.

The speed of the filter will not be affected by the work VPN-server, since it is placed directly on your device with the platform Android.

Key features Adguard for Android
Antibanner completely removes all advertising elements from web pages, including video ads.

Phishing Filter protects the device from possible threats, checking all downloaded Web pages and apk-files.

Two modes of filtration: whether a local VPN or whether a local HTTP proxy.The first does not require ROOT-rights and at the same VPN-server is the same on your device, so that the filter does not have to miss your traffic through a remote server. The second is only recommended if you are using rutovannoe device or if you want to use Adguard with any VPN.

• Antitreking. Protection from tracking your activities on the Internet.

Blocking applications.

Filter social networking widgets. Social widgets (buttons Like, I love the class and others) will be deleted if activated by a suitable filter.

• Firewall. Built-in firewall to fully control the access of applications to the Internet in different networks (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE).

traffic monitoring applications. You can follow the consumption of application traffic in real time.

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