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Password Depot is an effective program that manages all your passwords. You will no longer forget the password. The program protects your passwords from external access, while being the most convenient to use. A feature of the program is the creation of passwords that can not be decrypted, automated login, data encryption. The program encrypts the list of passwords using BlowFish and Rijndael algorithms. There is a convenient socket that hangs on top of all windows. From this panel, you can drag and drop the required passwords into the windows of various programs.
The most interesting feature is the storage of the password list in encrypted form on the program server. In this case, you will never lose your passwords, even if your hard drive dies and there is no copy of passwords somewhere in the archives. You can get access to passwords stored on the server from anywhere, just go to the server and enter the access password. Also, with its help, you can delete files without the possibility of recovery.
Key features of Password Depot:
• Better protection of your data using Rijndael 256 dual coding
• The list of your passwords will be protected twice: with a master password and an internal key.
• Protection against keylogging (fixing keystrokes) - all password fields will be internally protected from keyloggers.
• Password Depot leaves no trace of your passwords in RAM. So, even an attempt by a hacker to use your computer and try to scan an encrypted memory dump with passwords - a theoretical possibility - will be rejected.
• Clipboard protection - Password Depot automatically detects any active clipboard viewer programs and disguises character set changes.
• After providing auto-fill, all important information is automatically erased from the clipboard.
• Integrated password generator, virtually creates non-crackable passwords: instead of a password like “sweetheart” or “John”, which are easily cracked in a few minutes, you get a password like “g /: 1bmV5T $ x_sb} 8T4 @ CN? A: y: Cwe -k) mUpHiJu: 0md7p @ ”.
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