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With the Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft introduced a new security system. This was further developed under Windows 7 and Windows 8.
To protect your computer against malicious software, all users (even an administrator) must confirm the UAC security dialog, when starting an application. The User Account Control permission (UAC) is a safety feature for the computer and should prevent unwanted running of programs with administrative rights. However, this confirmation dialog is also shown when a user starts trusted programs from their desktop-icon, or the Start-menu. The software abylon UAC GRABBER allows the program to start without user prompting. Here, the Windows security concept remains active. The programs can be called via the special desktop icons or since Windows 8 about an alternative Start Menu.
Individual start of programs in the administrative context, without additionally asking
Creating special desktop links for start programs without user-prompting
The Windows Security Policy (UAC: User Account Control) remains
Runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Provides an alternative Start Menu about the tray-icon (beside the clock)