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With abylon EXIF-CLEANER you can remove metadata, such as date and location by clicking on your image files.
Cameras and cell phones from the store in the Photograph is not only the pure image data but also a variety of additional information. These so-called Exif data is useful for archiving images, because they give, for example, information about the shooting date, the camera type, the location, and much more. However, the Exif data also give info price, you might want to keep to yourself. Once you upload pictures to the Internet, you should consider whether you wish to make this information truly accessible to the public. If not, help them abylon EXIF-CLEANER to delete these data at the push of a button.
The Software runs under Windows 7, 8, and 10.

To unlimited use of the Software to be able to enter a Name and a license code is necessary. Both you receive after a free registration with the manufacturer. Click at the end of the Installation in the activation window, click "Shop". Open a Browser window, enter your name and E-Mail address and click on "registration key request". The registration information will be sent to you via e-Mail. Enter these data in the activation window and finally click on "Activate".

Please note: The Software should be on the same day, stored and registered. A claim at a later time is not provided.

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