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screenshot.png backuptube.png abylon BACKUP-TUBE is a program for backing up and synchronizing files automatically or manually. A computer usually stores huge amounts of information, such as: documents, images and videos. Documents are often of great value and accidental deletion, damage to the hard drive or malware that got on your computer can lead to the fact that they will be irretrievably lost.
The abylon BACKUP TUBE program backs up files and directories. Backup or synchronization can be set to manual or automatic mode, and the backup will only be done when new files change or appear. If deleted or renamed files are found in the source directory during synchronization, the changes will be applied to the destination folder. This allows you to always have current backups and simplify file recovery.
Key features of abylon BACKUP-TUBE:
• Back up and synchronize directories.
• Automatic or manual backup of files.
• Starts the backup process automatically when there is a directory on the network or external data memory.
• Easy to use with easy user interface and wizard.
• Ability to create log files.