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Hii has anyone of you hear of Libre office? i have been hearing about it for a long time and most people are saying its the best office program available for free.so if you have any idea about it please do share it or share me with another one which is good and free Thanks in advance

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Default office application for Ubuntu (and other linux distros).
It is a very good product for its price (free). Contains most of the features found in paid products, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Also includes a database, math (math equations), and drawing application as part of its suite.
It's very similar to Apache OpenOffice, but I think it's better. It works mainly on Open Document formats, but also supports Microsoft Office formats (however, there might be errors with docx, pptx, and xlsx- I had errors with pptx).
LibreOffice Impress (aka Powerpoint) lacks some templates, but that shouldn't bother you much.
Overall it's a great, free product. However, I feel that MS Office is still better (it's expensive though).


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Libre Office is the best open source office suite that I have tried so far, but I'm pretty used to Microsoft Office, and Libre is enough different to be frustrating.

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Download.hr is simply the best
Libre Office looks alot with MS Office XP/2003. I still do not like the ribbon interface from the newer MS Office Suites. I like to have things simple, handy and to occupy a small(er) space on my display. Liber Office never frustrated me in any way, but it is true that I had to look with google for info in how to introduce mathematic ecuations in the Writer module.

PS: Since I discovered it, years ago, I'm always using it and I totally replaced the pirated MS Office I've used long ago. I will never pay that crazy amount of money to MS for a defective product like all the MS product are (proof: unlimited updates/patches - even they do not know how bad they can code a software product). An OS may be obligatory to use a computer, but the MS Office is not!
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I like a lot Download.hr
Its the best alternative you can get for free. It has most of the features required by any user. Only some very high-end features are absent, but they are mostly required by enterprises.


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I also recommended WPS Office - free alternative to MS Office . Available both on windows and linux .


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Best Office suite you could ever think of... certainly you'll be disappointed if you're fan of ribbon!


Can't stop visiting Download.hr
Work already for years with Libre Office and i don´t want any other anymore.