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Abelssoft WashAndGo allows users to easily and easily wipe the computer’s hard drive, freeing up disk space and speeding up access to important data. The program is fast, safe and reliable. WashAndGo deletes junk files that fill the hard drive and do nothing but slow down the computer. Garbage files that can be deleted by WashAndGo include temporary files that are not deleted when programs are closed, copies of old security files that are automatically created using some programs, files without real content, etc.
The program tells users how much disk space has been freed, so that the benefits of starting can be seen immediately. WashAndGo with one click begins the study of the hard drive. Users can then view a list of detected junk files and allow WashAndGo to proceed with their removal. Cautious users can enable the security option from WashAndGo in order to recover, if necessary, all deleted files within 14 days after cleaning.
Key features of the program WashAndGo:
• Deletes unnecessary files.
• Cleans your system and greatly improves productivity.
• The following file types can be detected: junk files, obsolete log and dump files, contents of temporary folders, Prefetch files and junk files, installation cache, unused files of backup installation packages.
• Correction of system errors: defective shortcuts, errors in the Windows registry, lost entries of your recent files, incorrect deletion of entries.
• Deletes Internet traces in Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer: clear browser cache, delete cookies, clear web history
• Creates a backup. This allows you to undo all changes at any time within 14 days.
• WashAndGo will offer to delete the file if it is 100% sure that this entry is not needed and can be deleted.

To be able to constantly use the program, you must activate it for free from the manufacturer. When you start the program for the first time, enter your name and email address in the registration window that opens and click "Request free activation by email." Note. In some cases, the registration window does not appear at the end of the installation. However, you can still use the version without restrictions.

Please note: the software must be saved and registered on the same day. There is no provision for a claim for a later date.

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