Abelssoft PC Fresh 2019 / v 2019.5.17 – Free full version


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Abelssoft PC Fresh 2019 is a powerful, unique tool for optimizing the performance of your computer. Allows you to customize your PC as experts do, improve performance, change hidden settings, optimize computer loading, change the look of your OS and much more. With this program you can fine-tune your OS, clean it from various debris, speed up its work and so on. In addition, in another module, Security & Power-Tools, you can defragment disks, optimize RAM, edit the “Open From” system menu, find the serial numbers of programs installed in the OS, view detailed information about the computer and see how the hard disk is used. (the latter will require .NET 3.5). The program monitors not optimal system settings and automatically corrects them. There is also a backup module for settings and other things (Backup-Center), in case something goes wrong after the optimization.
The main features of the program Abelssoft PC Fresh:
• Optimize your computer.
• Customize the look of the operating system.
• Change hidden settings.
• Optimize drives.
• Turbo mode allows programs to run many times faster.
• View system information.
• Clean your operating system.
• Defragment drives.
• Support for SSD-drives.