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John Brown

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Dear visitors,

we have opened new category "Abandonware" on our portal. In that category You can find and download old DOS and Abandoned games.

To play DOS games on Windows 2000 or Windows XP download this DOS emulator: DOSBox

Abandonware games are located here: Abandonware

Cool, didn't see this before. Thanks.

Umm.. I clicked on the link but don't see it.


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i hope its not against the rules
~2300 streamable DOS Games, like Sky Roads, Test Drive II, California Games
playable via browser



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I remember Ishar, Loom, Space Quest, Doom and more games on MS-DOS. I could be interesting to replay these and other games, may be it`s some cind of nostagie. We was younger, games demands not too much space on HDD and memory, but it was ineresting for us. It`s good that such category appears here. Let`s remember!..