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A4DeskPro Flash Web Site Builder is a professional program with which you can create your own website with preset sizes based on flash templates, with numerous menus, submenus, and amazing Flash animation effects in just a few mouse clicks. A4Desk is a WYSIWYG editor that has all the features for working with flash graphics, does not require any specific knowledge of flash technology. Using this program and the bundled gallery of templates, you can create a website or menu for a website in a short time. You can also easily change background music, border and background colors and use the “Auto-Fit” option to create sites that are automatically scaled to fit the window. In addition, direct insertion of SWF, MP3, JPG is possible.
Features of the program:
Creating a Flash site compatible with all browsers
No programming skills and software required to create a site
Easy selection of templates with their preview
Professionally designed and high-quality templates in different styles
Unlimited design options: adjust background color, font, scroll bar color
Each menu button can link to a page inside a template, or an external file or URL
Ability to customize the size of the template in the form of a fixed width and height or to fit the screen
Installation of any background music with the ability to adjust the volume
Choosing a font for text, its style, size, color and alignment
Automatic resizing of images to best fit the pattern
Adjust the brightness, contrast and transparency of the image
FTP file upload support
Meta tag support for search engine optimization
Ability to insert any HTML code, such as counters

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Offer conditions:
• Non-commercial use

• No free updates
• No free technical support