A Complete Tutorial about How to Downgrade iOS 12

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Here are two methods to accomplish the downgrade: downgrade the operating system with backup or without backup. Certainly, it would be better and safer to roll back your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11 through a backup. So for those who have made a backup before upgrading to iOS 12, they are strongly recommended to downgrade iOS 12 with backup. If you do not back up the previous iOS version, don't worry, you can try to perform the downgrade without backup as well. Let's see how to do that:

1. Downgrade iOS 12 with Backup

Step 1. Go to ipsw.me to download the previous iOS firmware for your device and save it onto your computer.
Step 2. Turn off the "Find My iPhone" service on your iDevice and use a USB cable to link your iPhone/iPad to computer.
Step 3. Launch iTunes on computer and put your device into DFU mode by pressing the "Power" and "Home" buttons simultaneously > releasing the "Power" button after the Apple logo appears > releasing the "Home" button when you see the "Connect to iTunes" prompt.
Step 4. After that, iTunes will prompt that it has detected an iPhone/iPad/iPod in recovery mode and ask you whether to restore your device. Just tap on "OK" to allow the restore.
Step 5. Tap on your device in iTunes and then choose "Summary". Next, you need to choose the "Restore iPhone" option. For Windows, you can hold down "Shift" and click on "Restore iPhone (or iPad/iPod)..."; for Mac, you can press "Option" and click on "Restore iPhone (or iPad/iPod)...".
Step 6. Find out the iOS ipsw file that you have downloaded and choose it and tap on "Open". Then a window will pop up to tell you that you are going to downgrade to previous iOS software and the process will erase all data on your device. You can hit "Update and Restore" to continue.

2. Downgrade to Previous iOS Version without Backup

Step 1. Download the ipsw file on your computer.
Step 2. Connect your iDevice to iTunes and go on to choose your device.
Step 3. Then you should go to "Summary" section and press "Check for Updates" while holding down "Option" (on Mac) or "Shift" (on PC).
Step 4. Next, navigate to the ipsw file that you have downloaded before and start to install the iOS file.

That's how to downgrade iOS 12. If you decide to perform a downgrade, please make full preparations beforehand and be careful during the process. This can help to better protect your device and ensure the smooth going of the process.
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Well, thanks for sharing this post and the tool to teach us how to downgrade iOS to 12. Actually, I know a better iOS recovery tool named TunesKit iOS System Recovery to downgrade any iOS including the iOS 14 to the former one. This software can also deal with more than 50+ types of iOS issues without data loss. And it comes with many different features such as one-click to enter or exit recovery mode.


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Thanks for sharing. I don't know when but I'm sure this info will be used. Moreover it would be great if you could share a source where I can read how to downgrade iOS 5.1. I have Apple iPad (iOS 5.1 Software) user manual from manymanuals but there is no info about possibility to downgrade iOS. Thanks
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