Tweaks & Tips 4 Design Tips Using FotoJet

FotoJet is a favorite photo tool for social network fans. It’s easy and quick, helping you add text and overlays to photos for your YouTube channel art, Facebook cover, Facebook post, YouTube thumbnail, Pinterest Graphic, Twitter header, Facebook Ad, Google plus cover, Instagram Post, Poster, Flyer, Logo, etc. Here I’ll show you a few tips that may help.

Add brand logo as image watermark
It works with a PNG image. Just make sure your logo is in PNG format with transparent background. Then add the logo to the photo list. And simply drag and drop the PNG logo onto your photo. Here you can freely adjust the image watermark’s opacity, exposure, effect, and other property to meet your needs. If you like, apply an effect to your logo image.

Shape a new shape with the preset shapes
FotoJet offers a lots of clipart images which are divided in different categories, like Shape, Love, Celebration, Holiday, Nature, etc. Under the Shape category, you can see several sub-categories such as Line, Solid Shape, Outlined Shape, Outsolid Shape and Tag. Use any of them combined a new one maybe a simple animal, a simple flower, a people, or anyone you can imagine. FotoJet allows users to fill the shapes with solid color or gradient color. A simple drag to resize a shape is easily access in FotoJet.

Adjust layers
On one hand, FotoJet allows you to expand your image to the size of the canvas, setting it like a background. On another hand, you can easily change any element’s layer to make it look best. Selected the element, use Layer option to adjust its layer. Besides, with this layer adjustment, setting one’s own image as background is very easy. Just put one image to the bottom of the layer and resize it to fill it fill to the canvas. That’s would be fine. Then, put the other layers onto this image background.

Use a Collage template as social network image
Go Collage mode and choose Photo Grid to make it. Here you can choose the size from the preset ones or just customize any size by typing the specific numbers in the boxes below the canvas. With this feature, any size of graphic design would be possible to achieve. Here see Facebook cover size.

Besides all types of designs, FotoJet allows users to upload their own photos and edit with powerful tools: cropping, resizing, rotating, exposure, color, sharpen, vignette, dehaze, radial focus, tilt shift, color splash, selective filter and more. It offers 50+ photo effects/filters to apply. It’s also easy to add and customize texts, clipart images, overlays and frames to enhance the photo.

Is it easy? You make any other social network images in the same way. If you get any other tips for this, just leave comments.