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With Advanced System Protector you can easy protect windows pc from malware
spyware adware and phishing scams identify and stop threats while you're surfing the internet.Advanced System Protectoris an effective solution to find remove malware infections present on your pc

Engine to Detect and Clean infections
it has a powerful engine that erriciently scans removes all infections.the software combines antimalware

Clean Malware.Unwanted Adware and Toolbars
Be safe and secure while browsing the internet it cleans detected
Malware.unwanted adware.and the annoying toolbars the so many software.programs load onto your computer without your permission

fast scanning and Cleaning
the protector offers multiple scon modes to mach your immediate scanning needs.All of them offer super-fast scanning and cleaning

highest Cleaning Ration of Detected Threats
it successfully cleans nearly 100% of detdcted ensures you a superd browsing pc experience with excellent results that will amaze you


Privacy Protection
Advanced System Protector not only keeps malware and infections at bay but also protect your personal information from falling into wrong hands.


Malware, Adware & Toolbars
Advanced System Protector removes malware, adware & spyware.

Potentially Unwanted Programs
Detects and removes unwanted adware & toolbars to secure your data.

Privacy Protection
Deletes browser cookies and internet browsing history for privacy.


Suspicious files are isolated from other files to prevent further spread of infection.

Gain peak performance
Protect your system from malicious threats and PUPs and increase the speed of the system and stabilize the system.

Update spy definitions
Regular definition updates protect even the latest threats.

Quick cleaning
Advanced System Protector has different scan modes for quick cleaning

Very light
Advanced System Protector does not consume much resources in the system.


No performance delay
There is no delay or delay when performing a deep scan.

Full review protection
Advanced System Protector uses browser protection to hide your online activity from viewers and identity thieves.


Web security
Advanced System Protector guarantees online history to protect your privacy.

Rebellious programs and keyloggers
Removes malicious programs and prevents keyloggers from working properly on your computer.

The hijackers delete the browser
Advanced System Protector removes browser hijackers to prevent surveillance.

Eliminates password alarms
The malware scanner also removes password theft to keep information secure.


I would like to thank Advanced System Protector team for sponsoring this exclusive giveaway we have 20 lifetime licenses must be a registered member here on forum
2.reply about your experience with using Advanced System Protector
Good Luck for all!

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My few experiences with Advanced System Protector:

It can easily detects malicious activity especially while surfing the internet.

It gets rid of unwanted and stubborn ads which are really annoying.

Protects my online activities privately and securely.

Thanks for the giveaway contest and really hope to win a license.


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Thanks for the giveaway contest !
Advanced System Protector is the best security software tool for protecting companies from harmful virus and content. It has modules which serves the best for application hardening, preservation of web content, finding the virus, payload and much more. It is very less time consuming and manages all the functions smartly and efficiently.

Firstly when i used Advanced System Protector. It works very well. I was Worried about my PC Performance, used some products also but nothing works. Then Someone suggested me to look for Systweak's Advance System Protector. For me Systweak is a trust sign.
Good experience till date using this tool from the last 1.5 years and it detects all malware and spyware and keeps away from my PC. I strongly recommended this anti-malware software for windows to everyone to protect their PC from viruses.

Hope to win a license.

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Thanks a lot for the exclusive giveaway. I never tried before but the application has many important features that will offer good security for my system. These include web security, rebellious programs and keyloggers, the hijackers delete the browser, eliminates password alarms in addition to fast scanning and Cleaning and protecting privacy

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Oh my God!
It is completely incomprehensible why a person shares and recommends such malware, which has been known for years.
Among other things, it is enormously old. The program itself is about 10 years old, last updated only with a digital signature on January 21, 2019.
Real antique malware.
Can you even imagine what a ten-year-old program designed to work with Windows XP can protect? It has not been updated since this time. Also, at meantime it was completely blocked for years at all. Now some malicious people have opened new website and trying sell it again.
People, try to be reasonable!!!


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Its the old tuneup utility companion I used often due to top position in review. It will be good to have it and even the lifetime key is a treat. I have used this in the past but want to see how it perform today. User interface is same years old, lets see how performance go. Thanks for the giveaway and waiting for result


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Thanks a lot for the giveaway @ahmadkhaje
I remember i used sometimes in the past this software and as far as i know it was a great anti-spyware with excellent results in removing a nasty spyware toolbar - Ask, if i remember well. :cool:
I am curious to find out what has the software improved in these years and how effective is at malware removal.
Please count me in for the draw.



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Great thanks for this opportunity!
I must say i have never heard about this program before and currently i am using avast free. I am not sure that this program would run ok alongside my main AV but it is worth a try. It seems to be a very good companion in my fight against malware. After some readings on the internet, I see it is light, it runs ok and has a light touch on systems so please count me into the giveaway.

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I am honest I have never heard of the programm and never used it but the Internet and yourPc is full of danger, ransomware etc. Everyone should have a good program to get rid of nasty malware, ransomware and other stuff. Thx a lot for this giveaway. To be safe is often an Illusion and I am glad about every good programm I can get. I am an unexpierenced young girl.

Angel V

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Thank you for the giveaway! I have no experience using Advanced System Protector. In fact I've never heard of it. However after reading the review it seems like it offers useful features. I would like to win a free license and take advantage of this utility.

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Thanks for the Giveaway!
Reply about your experience with using Advanced System Protector.
Advanced System Protector is a program which can detect and remove malicious programs intruding your computer and offer protection against deceptive applications hidden in system start-up programs, cookies, Registry entries, files and folders of your system. It is equipped with electronic scanning scheduler where you can set the frequency of scans at will.

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I got black depression when I read these completely b....less reviews.
It feels like we are living about 2 centuries ago. Such level of knowledge is terrible. We have currently 21 century, not year 1812 when Napolen made his actions in world.
People, go to school and at least learn to read!
I'm really sorry about all of you, but I can't help you because you don't want help.


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I am use this software 1 years ago. I download my pc now.Fast scan and good useful features


Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

Advanced System Protector is software used to protect the operating system against malware and spyware. Using this application, we can quickly and thoroughly scan the entire hard drive for malware. Advanced System Protector thoroughly removes all detected threats in the form of spyware etc.


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I have never tried Advanced System Protector. I would like to use it for detecting and cleaning many kinds of infections so that my PC performs smoothly. The interface also looks nice!!