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Have you ever had a file on your hard drive, like a song, video, photo, or document, that you kept on emailing as an attachment to different people? Maybe you're the keeper of the extended family address spreadsheet, and every holiday season everyone asks you to email them a copy so that they can make out their holiday cards. Or perhaps you're the bookkeeper for your kid's sports team, and parents are constantly bugging you to send out the current list of expenses and snack table revenue figures. Sure, there are third party websites out there that will gladly host your file for you, but you really aren't comfortable with the idea of having your files sitting out on a public server.

Using 1AVShare, you'll never have any problems sharing files again! 1AVShare lets you publish your own website from your PC, allowing you, your friends, family, and coworkers to remotely access your images, documents, videos, music, anything - all over a secure connection, and with support for all of the major media file formats. Anyone with authorized access will be able to log into your machine to search, view, and download your files, and even upload their own!

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