windows 8.1

  1. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips Terminate multiple programs from the command line with Taskkill

    Not all program termination options work all the time. If a program is not responding, you may not be able to use the window close button to terminate it. The same may be true for killing the process in the Windows Task Manager. Taskkill is a versatile command line tool that you can use for...
  2. PokercheckerNr1

    Tweaks & Tips SunsetScreen helps you sleep better by taking the glare of your screen

    Up until now I ran the excellent F.Lux application on my Windows PC to help me sleep better and adjust to the monitor brightness better. The program adjusts the screen of the computer to be more natural to the eye. Instead of being bright all day and night long, it changes the screen throughout...